About me


I have been horse mad ever since I can remember, growing up in riding schools I was lucky enough to get my first pony at 12. A 13.2 traditional cob. He wasn't easy, however, working through that we grew an incredible bond, my best friend. Being a creative youngster I made myself a very simple bracelet out of his tail hair with bits and pieces I could find around the house! Years later, 'Gyp' is still with me, been to numerous events and dressage championships, and is now happily retired and hacking around the Welsh hills with my mum. The small Facebook business I set up grew and grew. Going from just making friends some bracelets, to selling across the UK and overseas. I graduated in 2018 with a BA(hons) in Equine Studies and bought my first 'proper' horse, Fergal, at the age of 2. Backed by myself in the middle of a field on a hill, he is now 5 and well on his way to being something special. 

Over the years my business, that started as a little girl making things in her bedroom, has now grown to (almost) a full-time job. Social media posts sometimes reaching over 20,000 people, being able to fit in my own horses when I like, it definitely wasn't something I expected to be doing! 

Today I strive to source the best quality findings, create stunning jewellery, find new ideas, and turn something so simple into something we can all remember our best friend by.

May Whiston Photography