If you would like to order a bracelet or other piece of jewellery, please read all the following information carefully.


How to Order a Bracelet from Equus Armilla


Take your time to have a look around the website, please bear in mind the amount of hair you have, if you can't obtain any more this may affect your choice. Please see below for how much hair you need. orders take 2-4 weeks to make and send back, however, this may vary depending on the time of year. Please contact me if you have an urgent request. 


Getting the hair:

There is something for everyone at Equus Armilla, and every type and length of hair. The ideal hair should be tail, clean and free from products ie. conditioner or detangler. 


If you have access to the horse/ haven't already got the hair:

1) Brush the tail through and part the underside to the dock.

2) Part out a chunk according to the jewellery you would like from below.

3) Secure the chunk with a band and cut between the band and dock.

4) Loosely coil the hair around your hand (don't plait it), and place in a freezer bag or

similar with your name on. 


Amount of hair needed:

Length of hair needed should be the majority of the thickness of the chunk taken. Loose, shorter hairs are removed in the process before plaiting and therefore should be taken into consideration when deciding if the hair you have is long enough. 



Pens width and at least 30cm. For double loop bracelets, this should be at least 45cm. If the hair is cut close to the dock, this is usually long enough. 


Necklaces and stock pins:

Pencil width at least 20cm long. Sometimes long mane hair can be used.


Resin items:

Any length or type of hair, from any animal! 

Ashes can also be used, please only send a teaspoon's worth. 


If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to contact me.




Hair is often precious to you and therefore sending the hair recorded is recommended. Either way, take it to the post office to be weighed else it often gets held up or lost as it is too thick to send as a normal letter. 


Please include a note with the hair stating:


Return Address

Phone Number



Wrist size



Danni Hignett

South Barn

Far Heldre




SY21 8EG

All items are returned with any leftover hair, first class signed for (Royal Mail) for £4. Special Next Day delivery is £9 and international (outside the UK) is £15.


Any questions please contact me.